Just What Is Vegan Makeup Exactly?

Do you ever wonder just what is vegan makeup exactly? Veganism is probably a concept you consider more in terms of eating and drinking things, as the vegan diet is the facet of veganism that most folks intersect with. However, while many choose to follow a vegan diet, there is a crowd that chooses to live a vegan lifestyle as much as they possibly can.

Not only do they not eat or drink anything that has animal parts or products in the ingredients or foods used, they will not wear leather, nor would you find leather furniture in their home. There are varying degrees to how far a person chooses to take their vegan lifestyle, but wearing vegan makeup would certainly be their preferred choice if they do use makeup personally.

There is no official textbook definition of vegan makeup, but most vegans do agree that two primary attributes define the concept. First and foremost, no animal parts or products are used in the manufacture of vegan makeup. Secondly, animal testing is not done in the production and development of vegan makeup products.

That second part is important for many. A vegan diet is sometimes adopted just for health reasons or to make an environmental statement, but an actual vegan lifestyle seeks to live a cruelty-free way. Things can get a little fuzzy though, as some are content that a particular vegan makeup avoids animal testing, but more fundamentalist interpretations say that vegan makeup can only come from a company that does not use animal testing or related laboratories at all for any product, ‘vegan’ or otherwise.

If you live a vegan lifestyle or are adopting it, then a move to vegan makeup is inevitable if you use makeup. Unfortunately, you can not trust any label that proclaims itself as ‘vegan’ as you must do your research to see if it fits your personal definition and style of veganism.

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What Typically Comes In A Vegan Subscription Box?

Subscribing to a vegan box is a great way to discover new products that might not be available in local stores. Plant-based diet cookbooks are still a great way to find recipes, but snack boxes are a very convenient way to get snacks to your door.

You will receive a box filled with goodies on a monthly basis and will get the opportunity to try new foods, snacks, drinks and supplements. Here is what you can expect to find in most vegan subscription boxes.


Snacking can be difficult once you adopt a vegan diet since most chips and candy bars contain animal byproducts. Vegan subscription box typically contain a good selection of sweet and salty snacks.


Juices, smoothies or coconut water are the perfect way to stay hydrated while getting some vitamins and minerals. Most subscription boxes include bottles, juice pouches or smoothie powders.


Taking supplements is a good way to make sure your diet is not lacking in proteins, minerals or vitamins once you eliminate animal products from your diet. Vegan subscription boxes usually include some supplements so you can figure out which products are needed to balance your diet.

Discounts And Samples

More people are choosing to adopt a vegan diet and new vegan products are released on a regular basis. A lot of subscription boxes will include information about these new products, samples or coupons you can use to test new products at a discounted price.

Recipe Ideas

Some subscription boxes include additional items such as recipe ideas. This could be a great way to discover some new dishes and ingredients you hadn’t thought of using before.

Subscribing to a vegan box will help you discover new products. This is an option you should consider if you are having a hard time finding vegan snacks or ingredients in your area or if you simply want a more convenient way to obtain these products.


Amazing Benefits of Going VEGAN

If you haven’t gone vegan yet, check out this cool video showcasing some major benefits.

After you watch this, go to YouTube and watch some more. There are TONS of amazing stories about the huge benefits of going vegan.

If you’re serious about improving your health, consider incorporating this lifestyle into your everyday routine.